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Miracles of Quiapo - https://aberia.usMiracles of Quiapo is a story of human determination to overcome adversity. It is about the triumph of good over evil. It celebrates good little deeds. It is a portrait that needed strokes from many hands to complete the artwork. It is about people helping people.

To quote the main character of this story:

“The Traslación is an occasion for the recollection of how our lives have experienced the outpouring of love from our brothers and sisters. The Black Nazarene performs his miracles through them. He heals the sick through our doctors and other medical professionals. He wipes the tears away from our eyes through our mothers. He brings laughter in our lives through our friends. And he keeps us humble through our enemies.”

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This book promotes wellness through massage. It prescribes easy ways to feel good.

Many people experience muscle pain and fatigue from routines of daily life. These discomforts are a by-product of stress. Rather than medicating yourself, there is a better solution.  
Massage therapy is a natural approach to stress management. It is non-invasive. It requires no unnatural chemicals or medication. And, it is totally relaxing. 
You can’t find a better way to treat today’s stress-induced soft tissue ailments without having to resort to medication. Stress has been referred to as the “silent killer.” While it isn’t the only source for a heart attack or stroke, it is an important one. Doesn’t it make sense to try a little prevention? 
The Perfect Massage is designed for the layperson who needs information about massage therapy. There are different types of massage and different modalities.  
The Perfect Massage endeavors to explain massage and help you determine what approach might be best for you. Some of the reasons why massage is an optimum solution and what it is used for are: 
• Improve muscle tone 
• Relax the mind and body 
• Reduce stress 
• Treat depression and anxiety 
• Remedy to relieve back pain 
• An excellent cure for headaches 
• Excellent tool to use in a sports regimen 
• Enhance the body’s regenerative ability 
• Helps to sleep better 
Who benefits most from massage therapy? 
Anyone! Even your pets can benefit. Studies have proven that massage in infants helps them transition from their protected environment in the womb to the harsh environment we all live in.  
The elderly, children, pregnant women all benefit from the healing properties of massage therapy.  
Learn more about the different types of massage and how they can benefit you. That is what we have endeavored to do with The Perfect Massage. Here is an idea of what you will learn inside: 
• How to Give a Massage 
• Self Massage 
• Massage and Pregnancy 
• Infant and Child Massage 
• Deep Tissue Massage 
• Aromatherapy and Massage 
• Acupressure 
• Reflexology 
• Shiatsu 
• Massage and Kinesiology 
• Massage and Reiki 
• Sports Massage 
• Massage for Your Pets 
You will even find information about how to become a massage therapist yourself. And if you wish to take your skills to an enterprise level, this book provides guides on how to operate a massage parlor. 
Take charge today. The Perfect Massage can help you overcome stress and so many other ailments in a totally natural way. If you or a loved one experience high levels of stress or muscle aches and pains, massage could be right for you. Grab a copy now to know more. You’ll be glad you did.

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This book explains in lively detail why Manny Pacquiao is one of a kind. He’s got courage. He has faith in himself and in his God. He focuses on his goal and follows his star with grit. He works hard. And, most important of all, he takes responsibility for what satisfies his publics. He performs because, he says, “I want to make the fans happy.”


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