Everything Iphone: Tips, Tricks, Techniques And Advice

TIP! You can find any place with your iPhone. Use the map as GPS when you want definite directions, or when trying to find gas stations or grocery stores en route.

iPhones are amazing devices that have many uses. Not only is this phone in itself great entertainment, but you can also use it as an organizer or for entertainment. This means there are a multitude of ways to use the iphone to best advantage in your life. Use the tips below to master your device.

TIP! While using your phone to browse the Internet, you may find it easier to do with a larger keypad. It is not necessary to buy a larger keyboard.

If you are calling a number, and want to keep your phone number to yourself, you can do this within the iphone interface. In the Settings menu, select Phone, Show Caller ID, then select OFF. You can also look here if you forget your phone number.

TIP! If your iPhone freezes, don’t worry. First, give the sleep/wake control a try.

Use the social media on your iphone to connect with family and friends. The iphone can keep your friends updated through social media like Twitter or Facebook. You can even use certain social media apps to get breaking news that you will not hear anywhere else.

TIP! A phone can be taken on the iPhone without the phone being shaken while you hold it. Your headphone volume controls can also double as a way to snap your pictures.

Keep your iphone away from situations that will cause extreme variations in temperatures. Do not carry your phone into areas with freezing temperatures, such as food freezers, for any period of time. Condensation can easily form on the delicate electronics inside.

TIP! Be a faster texter by using this simple trick. Sometimes, you will be provided an alternative word, as you can tap out of this to delete the suggestion.

The Safari browser on the iphone allows you to do virtually everything you can do on a large computer, and that includes bringing images down from websites. When you find an image you want to keep, simply tap it and hold. A menu will appear, asking if you wish to save the image to your Camera Roll. Alternately, you can copy the image into a text message.

TIP! If you would like to have weather updates on your iPhone, try using the Weather app. You can simply select the local weather and it will show you a breakdown of the next 12 hours.

If you use the Safari browser, you don’t need to type in “.com” when you wish to access a webpage. To go directly to a website simply type the websites name into the URL box.

TIP! To mark any emails on an iPhone as unread, locate that command. You need to go into the “details” menu and press the unread feature.

If your iphone is owned with Siri, think twice before talking to her very much. Apple makes note of these recordings and puts them on their internal server. This is done so it helps the program’s speech recognition, and even though they try to secure these files, everything you talk to Siri about could be recorded.

TIP! If you lose your iPhone, the free Find My iPhone app can assist you in locating it on a map. You do have to sign up for this app in advance, however.

It is easy to create your own shortcuts and dictionary on an iphone. The iphone can detect what you are trying to say. Add as many shortcuts and phrases as you want. The keyboard automatically tries to correct you as you type.

TIP! It’s easy to use your iPhone one-handed when you’re taking pictures. By pressing on + volume button, you can get any picture you have framed.

If you would like to have a sound verification when pressing a key, go to the keyboard clicks and select On. This can allow you to hear what you are typing so that you are aware of when the phone is reading what you have to say.

TIP! Learn about your phone by simply going through its different functions. When you have time to sit and fidget with your iPhone try doing something new on your iPhone and seeing whether you can accomplish your goal.

By now you should realize that the many features of the iphone make it more than a simple phone. You may not realize all of the things your iphone is able to do. Use the tips and tricks in this article to get your phone more personalized and efficient.

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